Our Repair Services

Our phones are a necessity in our lives today. When we use our phones often, it is highly likely that we will run into technical Problems, software issues, and sometimes, incur physical damage to our phones by accidentally dropping it.

90% of our repair can be finished on the same day without compromising on the quality. For instance, we only 10 minutes for iPhone battery replacement or 15 minutes to replace iPhone screen.

All device is repaired only at our own in-house workshop, no out-source no 3rd party involved. So, you get maximum data privacy at lowest repair cost plus faster time.

Microphone Issue

If you are having trouble getting people to hear you on the other end of the line.

Network Problem

You are having a problem with searching WI-FI or weak WI-FI connection.

Sim Card not detected

You are having difficulty connecting to your telco network.

Repair Crack LCD Screen

Mobile screen has a spider-like patterns creeping across the glass.

Battery Damage

The capacity of a battery is gradually depleted faster than normal.

Water Damage

Quickly send for repair if your phone drop in water.


After you tried to force your phone to reboot and it didn’t respond.

Software Crash

Mobile phone apps are loading slowly or hang.

Blank Screen

The screen is blank after phone boot up.

Our Repair Prices

Repair Work
iPhone 5Cracked Glass Replacement (Original)$29.00
iphone 5sCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$29.00
iphone 5cCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$29.00
iPhone 6sCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$40.00
iPhone 6s plusCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$50.00
iPhone 7Cracked Glass Replacement (Original)$55.00
iPhone 7 plusCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$65.00
iPhone 8Cracked Glass Replacement (Original)$60.00
iPhone 8 PlusCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$65.00
iPhone XCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$129.00
iPhone XrCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$139.00
iPhone XsCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$189.00
iPhone Xs MaxCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$219.00
IPhone 11Cracked Glass Replacement (Original)$220.00
IPhone 11 ProCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$260.00
IPhone 11 Pro MaxCracked Glass Replacement (Original)$300.00
iPhone 6LCD Replacement-(OEM)$39.00
iPhone 6 plusLCD Replacement-(OEM)$45.00
iPhone 6sLCD Replacement-(OEM)$50.00
iPhone 6s plusLCD Replacement-(OEM)$60.00
iPhone 7LCD Replacement-(OEM)$65.00
iPhone 7 plusLCD Replacement-(OEM)$75.00
iPhone 8LCD Replacement-(OEM)$80.00
iPhone 8 PlusLCD Replacement-(OEM)$90.00
iPhone XLCD Replacement-(OEM)$150.00
iPhone XrLCD Replacement-(OEM)$140.00
iPhone XsLCD Replacement-(OEM)$195.00
iPhone Xs MaxLCD Replacement-(OEM)$250.00
All models except iPhone XBattery Replacement$28.00
iPad 2Battery Replacement$50.00
iPad 3Battery Replacement$50.00
iPad 4Battery Replacement$50.00
iPad AirBattery Replacement$70.00
iPad Air 2Battery Replacement$70.00
iPad mini 1Battery Replacement$50.00
iPad mini 2Battery Replacement$50.00
iPad mini 3Battery Replacement$60.00
iPad mini 4Battery Replacement$60.00
iPhone 6Charging Port Replacement$28.00
iPhone 6 plusCharging Port Replacement$28.00
iPhone 6sCharging Port Replacement$28.00
iPhone 6s plusCharging Port Replacement$28.00
iPhone 7Charging Port Replacement$38.00
iPhone 7 plusCharging Port Replacement$38.00
iPhone 8Charging Port Replacement$40.00
iPhone 8 PlusCharging Port Replacement$45.00
iPhone XCharging Port Replacement$60.00
iPhone 6Front Camera Replacement$38.00
iPhone 6 plusFront Camera Replacement$38.00
iPhone 6sFront Camera Replacement$38.00
iPhone 6s plusFront Camera Replacement$38.00
iPhone 7Front Camera Replacement$48.00
iPhone 7 plusFront Camera Replacement$48.00
iPhone 8Front Camera Replacement$48.00
iPhone 8 PlusFront Camera Replacement$48.00
iPhone XFront Camera Replacement$68.00
iphone 5Back Camera Replacement$35.00
iphone 5sBack Camera Replacement$35.00
iphone 5cBack Camera Replacement$35.00
iPhone 6Back Camera Replacement$35.00
iPhone 6 plusBack Camera Replacement$35.00
iPhone 6sBack Camera Replacement$35.00
iPhone 6s plusBack Camera Replacement$65.00
iPhone 7Back Camera Replacement$75.00
iPhone 7 plusBack Camera Replacement$120.00
iPhone 8Back Camera Replacement$100.00
iPhone 8 PlusBack Camera Replacement$130.00
iPhone XBack Camera Replacement$150.00
iphone 5Vibrator Replacement$25.00
iphone 5sVibrator Replacement$25.00
iphone 5cVibrator Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6Vibrator Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6 plusVibrator Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6sVibrator Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6s plusVibrator Replacement$25.00
iPhone 7Vibrator Replacement$35.00
iPhone 7 plusVibrator Replacement$35.00
iPhone 8Vibrator Replacement$35.00
iPhone 8 PlusVibrator Replacement$35.00
iPhone XVibrator Replacement$55.00
iphone 5Buzzer Replacement$25.00
iphone 5sBuzzer Replacement$25.00
iphone 5cBuzzer Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6Buzzer Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6 plusBuzzer Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6sBuzzer Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6s plusBuzzer Replacement$25.00
iPhone 7Buzzer Replacement$35.00
iPhone 7 plusBuzzer Replacement$35.00
iPhone 8Buzzer Replacement$35.00
iPhone 8 PlusBuzzer Replacement$35.00
iPhone XBuzzer Replacement$68.00
iphone 5Speaker Replacement$28.00
iphone 5sSpeaker Replacement$28.00
iphone 5cSpeaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone 6Speaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone 6 plusSpeaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone 6sSpeaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone 6s plusSpeaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone 7Speaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone 7 plusSpeaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone 8Speaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone 8 PlusSpeaker Replacement$28.00
iPhone XSpeaker Replacement$88.00
iphone 5Camera Glass Replacement$18.00
iphone 5sCamera Glass Replacement$18.00
iphone 5cCamera Glass Replacement$18.00
iPhone 6Camera Glass Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6 plusCamera Glass Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6sCamera Glass Replacement$25.00
iPhone 6s plusCamera Glass Replacement$25.00
iPhone 7Camera Glass Replacement$30.00
iPhone 7 plusCamera Glass Replacement$38.00
iPhone 8Camera Glass Replacement$38.00
iPhone 8 PlusCamera Glass Replacement$38.00
iphone 5Wifi Antenna Replacement$28.00
iphone 5sWifi Antenna Replacement$28.00
iphone 5cWifi Antenna Replacement$28.00
iPhone 6Wifi Antenna Replacement$38.00
iPhone 6 plusWifi Antenna Replacement$38.00
iPhone 6sWifi Antenna Replacement$38.00
iPhone 6s plusWifi Antenna Replacement$38.00
iPhone 7Wifi Antenna Replacement$38.00
iPhone 7 plusWifi Antenna Replacement$38.00
iPhone 8Wifi Antenna Replacement$38.00
iPhone 8 PlusWifi Antenna Replacement$38.00
iPhone 6Home Button Replacement$30.00
iPhone 6 plusHome Button Replacement$30.00
iPhone 6sHome Button Replacement$30.00
iPhone 6s plusHome Button Replacement$30.00
iphone 7Home Button Replacement$50.00
iphone 7 plusHome Button Replacement$68.00
iPad 2 and 3Home Button Replacement$50.00
iPad 4Home Button Replacement$60.00
iPad miniHome Button Replacement$55.00
Samsung S5Cracked Glass Replacement$49.00
Samsung S6Cracked Glass Replacement$69.00
Samsung S7Cracked Glass Replacement$89.00
Samsung S7 EdgeCracked Glass Replacement$109.00
Samsung S8Cracked Glass Replacement$119.00
Samsung S8+Cracked Glass Replacement$129.00
Samsung S9Cracked Glass Replacement$139.00
Samsung S9+Cracked Glass Replacement$149.00
Samsung Note 8Cracked Glass Replacement$149.00
Samsung Note 9Cracked Glass Replacement$169.00
Samsung Note 10Cracked Glass Replacement$269.00
Samsung Note 10 PlusCracked Glass Replacement$299.00
Samsung S7 EdgeLCD Replacement$210.00
Samsung S8LCD Replacement$229.00
Samsung S8+LCD Replacement$249.00
Samsung S9LCD Replacement$259.00
Samsung S9+LCD Replacement$279.00
Samsung S10 ELCD Replacement$280.00
Samsung S10LCD Replacement$330.00
Samsung S10 PlusLCD Replacement$380.00
Samsung Note 8LCD Replacement$269.00
Samsung Note 9LCD Replacement$289.00
Samsung Note 10 (New)LCD Replacement$420.00
Samsung Note 10 Plus (New)LCD Replacement$450.00
Note 8.0LCD Replacement$85.00
Tab 3 7.0LCD Replacement$40.00
Tab 3 8.0 (T315)LCD Replacement$99.00
Tab S 8.4LCD Replacement$219.00
Tab S 10.5LCD Replacement$229.00
Tab S2 8.0 (T710/715)LCD Replacement$245.00
Tab E 9.7LCD Replacement$119.00
Tab Pro 8.4LCD Replacement$135.00
Tab A 7.0LCD Replacement$79.00
Tab A 8.0 (P355) LCD Replacement$105.00
Mega 5.8LCD Replacement$55.00
Mega 6.3LCD Replacement$69.00
Samsung S7 EdgeBattery Replacement$48.00
Samsung S8Battery Replacement$48.00
Samsung S8+Battery Replacement$48.00
Samsung S9Battery Replacement$48.00
Samsung S9+Battery Replacement$48.00
Samsung Note 8Battery Replacement$48.00
Samsung Note 9Battery Replacement$48.00
Samsung S7 EdgeBack Cover Replacement$38.00
Samsung S8Back Cover Replacement$38.00
Samsung S8+Back Cover Replacement$38.00
Samsung S9Back Cover Replacement$38.00
Samsung S9+Back Cover Replacement$38.00
Samsung Note 8Back Cover Replacement$38.00
Samsung Note 9Back Cover Replacement$38.00