Mobile Phone Trade-in and Buyback Price in Singapore|Sell Your Phone or Trade in Your Smartphone For Cash

Please READ all the Term and Condition before visit our shop to sell.

ALL phone sold to us, we will check at SHOT (SECONDHAND GOODS TRANSACTION RECORDS SYSTEM ) from Police Licensing Unit. Phone which is ‘RECORD FOUND’ will be hand over to police.
We reserved the right to reject the used and new phone that is not meet up our expectation.
USED phone MUST INCLUDE ORIGINAL CHARGER,HEADSET,ORIGINAL BOX, between $10 to $50 will be deduct(subject model). Device must be fully working condition or subject to price deduction.
NEW phone MUST COME WITH ORIGINAL TELCO RECEIPT. Apple product activation must be within
3 days or otherwise stated. Price is subject to change without prior notice and shall be applicable at the time for transaction at shop.
Trade-in means exchange with us for another device in our shop. We will deduct $20 if without any phone purchase.
Exchange Set Are considered USED set.
Once sold the phones to us, it is an offence to claim for insurance compensation or report lost.

New Phone Buyback Prices
iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB$1,520
iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB$1,720
iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB$1,880
iPhone 15 Pro 128GB$1,270
iPhone 15 Pro 256GB$1,390
iPhone 15 Pro 512GB$1,640
iPhone 15 Pro 1TB$1,700
iPhone 15 Plus 128GB$1,100
iPhone 15 Plus 256GB$1,220
iPhone 15 Plus 512GB$1,330
iPhone 15 128GB$950
iPhone 15 256GB$1,080
iPhone 15 512GB-
iPhone 14 Plus 128GB$950
iPhone 14 Plus 256G-
iPhone 14 Plus 512G-
iPhone 14 128GB$810
iPhone 14 256GB$930
iPhone 14 512GB-
iPhone 13 128gb$700
iPhone 13 256gb$770
iPhone 13 512gb$870
iPhone 13 Pro 128gb$1,000
iPhone 13 Pro 256gb$1,080
iPhone 13 Pro 512gb$1,240
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB$1,320
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128gb$1,080
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256gb$1,130
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512gb $1,300
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB$1,380
iPhone SE 2022 64GB$420
iPhone SE 2022 128GB$480
iPhone SE 2022 256GB$540
Airpods 2$120
Airpods 2 with wireless chg$130
Airpods 3$180
Airpods pro MAGSAFE$200
Airpods Pro Gen 2$230
Airpod Pro Gen 2 Type C $250
iPad brand new
ipad pro 11 4 gen m2 WiFi 128gb-
ipad pro 11 4 gen m2 WiFi 256gb-
ipad pro 11 4 gen m2 WiFi 512gb-
ipad pro 11 4 gen m2 Cellular 128gb-
ipad pro 11 4 gen m2 Cellular 256gb-
ipad pro 11 4 gen m2 Cellular 512gb-
ipad pro 12.9 6 gen m2 WiFi 128gb-
ipad pro 12.9 6 gen m2 WiFi 256gb-
ipad pro 12.9 6 gen m2 WiFi 512gb-
ipad pro 12.9 6 gen m2 chip Cellular 128gb-
ipad pro 12.9 6 gen m2 chip Cellular 256gb-
ipad pro 12.9 6 gen m2 chip Cellular 512gb-
iPad Air 5 Wifi 64gb-
iPad Air 5 Wifi 256gb-
iPad Air 5 LTE 64gb-
iPad Air 5 LTE 256gb-
iPad mini 6 wifi 64gb-
iPad mini 6 wifi 256gb-
iPad mini 6 cellular 64gb-
iPad mini 6 cellular 256gb -
iPad 10 Gen 64GB-
iPad 10 Gen 256GB-
iPad 10 Gen Cellular 64GB-
iPad 10 Gen Cellular 256GB-
iPad 9th (2021) Wifi 64gb-
iPad 9th (2021) Wifi 256gb-
iPad 9th (2021) LTE 64gb-
iPad 9th (2021) LTE 256gb-
Apple Watch
Apple Watch Series 8 41mm (GPS)$300
Apple Watch Series 8 41mm (CELL)$340
Apple Watch Series 8 45mm (GPS)$330
Apple Watch Series 8 45mm (CELL)$370
Apple Watch Series 8 Ultra 49mm$780
Apple Watch Series 9 41MM (GPS)$390
Apple Watch Series 9 41MM (CELL)$500
Apple Watch Series 9 45MM (GPS)$460
Apple Watch Series 9 45MM (CELL)$520
Apple Watch Ultra Cellular 49mm$730
Apple Watch Ultra 2 Cellular 49mm$950
Samsung S24 256GB920
Samsung S24 512GB1020
Samsung S24 Plus 256GB1090
Samsung S24 Plus 512GB1200
Samsung S24 Ultra 256GB1180
Samsung S24 Ultra 512GB1340
Samsung S24 Ultra 1TB1660
Samsung S23 128GB$700
Samsung S23 256GB$760
Samsung S23 FE 256GB$600
Samsung S23 PLUS 256GB$830
Samsung S23 PLUS 512GB$920
Samsung S23 ULTRA 256GB$930
Samsung S23 ULTRA 512GB$1,050
Samsung S23 ULTRA 1TB$1,150
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 256Gb$780
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 512Gb$900
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 128GB$500
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 256GB$540
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 512GB$560
Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 256GB$980
Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 512GB$1,050
Samsung galaxy fold 4 1TB $1,150
Samsung Galaxy fold 5 256gb$1,480
Samsung galaxy fold 5 512gb$1,560
Samsung galaxy fold 5 1TB$1,620
Samsung A05s$100
Samsung A15 4G$130
Samsung A15 5G$220
Samsung a14 4g$90
Samsung a14 5g$150
Samsung A25 5G$230
Samsung a34 128gb$240
Samsung a34 256gb$290
Samsung A35 5G 8/128GB$350
Samsung A54 8/128gb$330
Samsung A54 8/256gb $370
Samsung A55 8/128GB$410
Samsung A55 8/256GB$470
Samsung Buds PRO$100
Samsung Buds LIVE$40
Samsung Galaxy Buds Fe$60
Samsung Buds 2$70
Samsung Buds 2 Pro$120
Samsung Buds Plus$50
Samsung Tablet
Samsung Tab A9 Wifi 64GB$150
Samsung Tab A9 5G 64GB$200
Samsung Tab A9+ Wifi$200
Samsung Tab A9+ 5G$280
Samsung Tab S6 Lite 2022 Wifi$200
Samsung Tab S9 FE Wifi 128GB $470
Samsung Tab S9 FE 5G$570
Samsung Tab S9 FE+ 128GB Wifi $620
Samsung Tab S9 FE+ 5G$720
Samsung Tab S9 Wifi 8/128GB$710
Samsung Tab S9 5G 8/128GB$830
Samsung Tab S9+ Wifi 12/256GB$870
Samsung Tab S9+ 5G 12/256GB$970
Samsung Tab S9 Ultra Wifi 12/256GB$1,220
Samsung Tab S9 Ultra 5G 12/256GB$1,320
Oppo A18 4/128GB$120
Oppo A38 6/128GB$140
Oppo a78 128gb 5G$250
Oppo a78 256gb 4G$210
Oppo a77s$180
Oppo A98$260
Oppo Reno 7z$260
Oppo Reno 10 5G$400
Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G$480
Oppo Reno 10 Pro+$650
Oppo Reno 11F 8/256GB$370
Oppo Reno 11 5G$480
Oppo Reno 11 Pro$680
Oppo Find X5 Pro$740
Oppo Find N3 Flip 256GB$960
Find N3 Oppo 512GB$1,650
Google Pixel 8A 128GB$560
Google Pixel 8A 256GB$640
Google Pixel 8 128 GB$680
Google Pixel 8 256GB$780
Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB$890
Google Pixel 8 Pro 256GB$990
Google Pixel 8 Pro 512GB$1,180
Nothing Phone 2A 12/256GB$380
Nothing Phone 2 12+256GB$670
Nothing Phone 2 12GB+512GB$800

Used Phone Buyback Prices
iPhone 15 pro max 256GB$1,300
iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB$1,480
iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB$1,600
iPhone 15 Pro 128GB$1,070
iPhone 15 Pro 256GB$1,190
iPhone 15 Pro 512GB$1,420
iPhone 15 Pro 1TB$1,500
iPhone 15 Plus 128GB$920
iPhone 15 Plus 256GB$1,000
iPhone 15 Plus 512GB$1,150
iPhone 15 128GB$800
iPhone 15 256GB$920
iPhone 15 512GB$1,000
iPhone 14 Pro Max 128gb$980
iPhone 14 Pro max 256gb$1,050
iPhone 14 Pro max 512gb$1,170
iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB$1,260
iPhone 14 Pro 128gb$880
iPhone 14 Pro 256gb$960
iPhone 14 Pro 512gb$1,050
iPhone 14 Pro 1TB$1,110
iPhone 14 Plus 128gb$720
iPhone 14 Plus 256gb$770
iPhone 14 Plus 512gb$830
iPhone 14 128gb$670
iPhone 14 256gb$730
iPhone 14 512gb$780
iPhone 13 Mini 128gb$430
iPhone 13 Mini 256gb$500
iPhone 13 Mini 512gb$560
iPhone 13 128gb$480
iPhone 13 256gb$540
iPhone 13 512gb$580
iPhone 13 Pro 128gb$600
iPhone 13 Pro 256gb$660
iPhone 13 Pro 512gb$690
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB$740
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128gb$690
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256gb$730
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512gb$800
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB$850
iPhone 12 Mini 64gb$280
iPhone 12 Mini 128gb$320
iPhone 12 Mini 256gb$340
iPhone 12 64gb$300
iPhone 12 128gb$360
iPhone 12 256gb$420
iPhone 12 Pro 128gb$450
iPhone 12 Pro 256gb$490
iPhone 12 Pro 512gb$530
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128gb$500
iPhone 12 Pro Max 256gb$550
iPhone 12 Pro Max 512gb$590
iPhone 11 64GB$240
iPhone 11 128GB$260
iPhone 11 256GB$300
iPhone 11 PRO 64GB$310
iPhone 11 PRO 256GB$350
iPhone 11 PRO 512GB$380
iPhone 11 PRO MAX 64GB$350
iPhone 11 PRO MAX 256GB$400
iPhone 11 PRO MAX 512GB$450
iPhone SE 2022 64GB$230
iPhone SE 2022 128GB$280
iPhone SE 2022 256GB$330
iPhone SE 64GB 2020$130
iPhone SE 128GB 2020$150
iPhone SE 256GB 2020$180
iPhone XS MAX 64GB$230
iPhone XS MAX 256GB$250
iPhone XS MAX 512GB$280
iPhone XS 64GB$180
iPhone XS 256GB$220
iPhone XS 512GB$240
iPhone XR 64GB$180
iPhone XR 128GB$200
iPhone XR 256GB$230
iPhone X 64GB$140
iPhone X 256GB$180
iPhone 8 PLUS 64GB$100
iPhone 8 PLUS 256GB$120
iPhone 8 64GB$70
iPhone 8 256GB$90
iPhone 7 PLUS 32GB$70
iPhone 7 PLUS 128GB$90
iPhone 7 PLUS 256GB$110
iPhone 7 32GB$50
iPhone 7 128GB$70
iPhone 7 256GB$90
iPhone Airpods Pro$70
iPhone Airpod pro 2$150
Apple Watch
watch series 4 40mm (GPS)$50
watch series 4 44mm (GPS)$60
watch series 4 40mm (CELL)$60
watch series 4 44mm (CELL)$80
watch series 5 40mm (GPS)$90
watch series 5 44mm (GPS)$120
watch series 5 40mm (CELL)$120
watch series 5 40mm (CELL)$140
watch series 6 40mm (GPS)$110
watch series 6 44mm (GPS)$130
watch series 6 40mm (CELL)$130
watch series 6 44mm (CELL)$150
watch series 7 41mm(Gps)$150
watch series 7 45mm (Gps)$180
watch series 7 41mm(Cell)$180
watch series 7 45mm (Cell)$220
watch series 8 41mm (Gps)$190
watch series 8 45mm (Gps)$230
watch series 8 41mm (Cell)$230
watch series 8 45mm (Cell)$280
watch series 9 GPS 41mm$300
watch series 9 GPS 45mm$350
watch series 9 Cellular 41mm$390
watch series 9 Cellular 45mm$400
watch ultra cellular $560
watch series SE 40mm (GPS)$80
watch series SE 44mm (GPS)$120
watch series SE 40mm (CELL)$100
watch series SE 44mm (CELL)$150
watch series SE 2 40mm (GPS)$140
watch series SE 2 44mm (GPS)$160
watch series SE 2 40mm (CELL)$160
watch series SE 2 44mm (CELL)$180
Samsung S7 Edge$40
Samsung S8 64GB$70
Samsung S8 Plus$90
Samsung S9 64GB$90
Samsung S9 Plus 64GB$100
Samsung S9 Plus 128GB$120
Samsung S9 Plus 256GB$140
Samsung S10 Lite$120
Samsung S10 128GB$120
Samsung S10 Plus 128GB$140
Samsung S10 Plus 512GB$190
Samsung S10e$80
Samsung S20 128GB-
Samsung S20 Plus 128GB-
Samsung S20 Ultra 128GB-
Samsung S20 FE 128GB$160
Samsung S20 FE 256GB$180
Samsung S21 256GB$230
Samsung S21 plus 256gb$250
Samsung S21 Ultra 256gb$350
Samsung S21 Ultra 512gb$390
Samsung S21 FE 128GB$200
Samsung S21 FE 256GB$250
Samsung S22 128GB-
Samsung S22 256GB-
Samsung S22 PLUS 128GB-
Samsung S22 PLUS 256GB-
Samsung s22 ultra 128GB$440
Samsung S22 Ultra 256GB$500
Samsung S22 Ultra 512GB$570
Samsung S23 128GB$520
Samsung S23 256GB$580
Samsung S23 FE 256GB$450
Samsung S23 PLUS 256GB$680
Samsung S23 PLUS 512GB$780
Samsung S23 ULTRA 256GB$700
Samsung S23 ULTRA 512GB$820
Samsung S23 ULTRA 1TB$980
Samsung S24 256gb $750
Samsung S24 512gb $850
Samsung S24 Plus 256gb $900
Samsung S24 Plus 512gb $1,000
Samsung S24 Ultra 256gb $1,050
Samsung S24 Ultra 512gb $1,220
Samsung S24 Ultra 1TB$1,240
Samsung Note 5 32GB-
Samsung Note 8 64GB$80
Samsung Note 9 128GB$120
Samsung Note 9 512GB$140
Samsung Note 10 256GB$170
Samsung Note 10 Plus 256GB$200
Samsung Note 10 Plus 512GB$230
Samsung Note 20 4G$200
Samsung Note 20 5G$240
Samsung Note 20 ultra 5G$300
Samsung Fold$240
Samsung Fold 2$280
Samsung Fold 3 256GB$380
Samsung Fold 3 512GB$450
Samsung Fold 4 256GB$620
Samsung Fold 4 512GB$690
Samsung Fold 4 1TB$750
Samsung Fold 5 256GB$1,130
Samsung Fold 5 512GB$1,190
Samsung Fold 5 1TB$1,330
Samsung Z Flip 4G$180
Samsung Z Flip 2 5G$220
Samsung Z Flip 3 5G 128GB$250
Samsung Z Flip 3 5G 256GB$270
Samsung Z Flip 4 128gb$340
Samsung Z Flip 4 256gb$380
Samsung Z Flip 4 512gb$420
Samsung Z Flip 5 256gb$600
Samsung Z Flip 5 512gb$670
Samsung A10s$40
Samsung A30s$80
Samsung A51$80
Samsung A50$80
Samsung A70$100
Samsung A80$160
Samsung A10-
Samsung A20-
Samsung A30$70
Samsung A7 2018-
Samsung A9 2018-
Samsung A12$60
Samsung a13$60
Samsung a14 4+128gb$70
Samsung A15 5G$130
Samsung a14 5g 6+128gb$100
Samsung A22$90
Samsung a23 5g$120
Samsung A25 8/128GB$140
Samsung A32 4G RAM128GB$80
Samsung A32 8G RAM128GB$100
Samsung A33 5G$100
Samsung a34$150
Samsung A35 5G 8/128GB$230
Samsung A42 5G$100
Samsung A52s 128GB 5G$90
Samsung A52s 256GB 5G$110
Samsung A53 128GB 5G$130
Samsung A53 256GB 5G$170
Samsung a54 128gb$240
Samsung a54 256gb $280
Samsung A55 8/128gb$280
Samsung A55 8/256gb$330
Samsung A73 8/128GB$230
Samsung A73 8/256GB$260
Samsung Tab A7 WIFI$90
Samsung Tab A7 LTE$110
Samsung Tab A7 Lite Wifi$60
Samsung Tab A7 Lite LTE$80
Samsung Tab A 8.0 T285$60
Samsung Tab A 10.1 T515$100
Samsung Tab S5E 64GB LTE$150
Samsung Tab S5E 128GB LTE$200
Samsung Tab S5E 128GB WIFI$180
Samsung Tab S5E 64GB Wifi$150
Samsung Tab S6 128GB WIFI$200
Samsung Tab S6 128GB LTE$240
Samsung Tab S6 256GB LTE$270
Samsung Tab S6 Lite 64GB WiFi $100
Samsung Tab S6 Lite 64GB LTE $120
Samsung Tab S6 Lite 128GB 2020 Wifi$130
Samsung Tab S6 Lite 2022 $140
Samsung Tab S7 128GB WIFI$300
Samsung Tab S7 128GB LTE$350
Samsung Tab S7 256GB LTE$350
Samsung Tab S7 + WIFI$440
Samsung Tab S7 + LTE 5G$500
Samsung Tab S7 FE 64GB 5G$230
Samsung Tab S7 FE 128GB 5G$300
Samsung Tab S8 256GB Wifi$440
Samsung Tab S8 256GB LTE$530
Samsung Tab S8 Plus 256GB Wifi$550
Samsung Tab S8 Plus 256GB Lte$650
Samsung Tab s8 Ultra 256gb LTE$820
Samsung Tab S9 FE 128 GB 128GB Wifi$350
Samsung Tab S9 FE 128 GB 128GB LTE$480
Samsung Tab S9 Plus FE 128 GB 128GB Wifi$450
Samsung Tab S9 PlusFE 128 GB 128GB LTE$640
Samsung Tab S9 128GB Wifi$640
Samsung Tab S9 128GB LTE$780
Samsung Tab S9 Plus 256GB Wifi$790
Samsung Tab S9 Plus 256GB LTE$890
Samsung Tab S9 Ultra 256GB Wifi$1,000
Samsung Tab S9 Ultra 256GB LTE$1,070
nothing phone 8/128Gb-
nothing phone 8/256Gb-
nothing phone 12/256Gb-
Huawei P20 128GB$50
Huawei P20 PRO$80
Huawei P30 LITE 128GB$70
Huawei P30 128GB$120
Huawei P30 PRO 256GB$170
Huawei P40$170
Huawei P40 PRO$200
Huawei P40 PRO +$250
Huawei P50 pocket-
Huawei p50 pro$380
Huawei Mate 10$40
Huawei Mate 10 PRO$60
Huawei Mate 20$100
Huawei Mate 20X$220
Huawei Mate 20 PRO 128GB$150
Huawei Mate 30 128GB$170
Huawei Mate 30 PRO 256GB$240
Huawei Mate 40 PRO$320
Huawei Nova 3i$60
Huawei Nova 5T$100
Huawei Y6s 2020-
Huawei Y9s 128GB$80
Huawei Nova 7i-
Huawei Nova 7 SE-
Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite-
Huawei Mediapad T5-
Huawei Y6 Pro 2019-
Oppo A16$50
Oppo A17k$50
Oppo A17$60
Oppo A74$90
Oppo A94$100
Oppo A95$90
Oppo A5 2020$40
Oppo A9 2020$70
Oppo AX5$40
Oppo AX5s$50
Oppo AX7$50
Oppo R11$40
Oppo R11s-
Oppo R11s Plus-
Oppo R15$80
Oppo R15 Pro$90
Oppo R17$90
Oppo R17 Pro$100
Oppo reno $100
Oppo RENO 2$100
Oppo RENO 2Z$90
Oppo RENO Z$90
Oppo Reno 3 Pro$80
Oppo Reno 3$70
Oppo Reno 4 Pro$100
Oppo Reno 5Z$80
Oppo Reno 5 5g$100
Oppo Reno 5 Pro 5g$120
Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5g$150
Oppo Reno 7 5g$100
Oppo Reno 7 Pro 5g$150
Oppo Reno 7z 5g$100
Oppo Reno 8 5g$150
Oppo Reno 8 Pro$200
Oppo reno 8T 128gb $160
Oppo reno 8T 256gb$200
Oppo Reno 10 5G$250
Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G$330
Oppo Reno 10 Pro+$370
Oppo Reno 11 256gb $370
Oppo Reno 11 Pro 512gb $500
Oppo Find X2 Pro$200
Oppo Find X3 Pro$250
Oppo Find X5 Pro$370
Oppo find n2 flip $400
Oppo Find N3 Flip 256GB$730
Oppo Find N3 512GB$1,270
Oppo Reno 10x Zoom$120
mi max 1-
mi max 2-
mi max 3-
mi 11T Pro 256GB-
Note 11 Pro 128gb-
Note 11 Pro Plus 128gb-
google pixel 32gb-
google pixel 128gb-
google pixel xl 32gb-
google pixel xl 128gb-
google pixel 2 128gb-
Google pixel 2 xl -
Google pixel 3 64gb-
Google pixel 3 128gb-
Google pixel 3 xl 64gb-
Google pixel 3 xl 128gb-
Google pixel 4 64gb$110
Google pixel 4 128gb$130
Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB$130
Google Pixel 4 XL 128GB$170
Google pixel 4a 128gb$100
Google pixel 5 128gb$150
Google pixel 5a 128gb$130
Google pixel 6 128gb$120
Google pixel 6 256gb$170
Google pixel 6 pro 128gb$220
Google Pixel 6 Pro 256gb $270
Google Pixel 6 Pro 512GB$320
Google Pixel 7A 128GB$250
Google pixel 7 128gb$300
Google pixel 7 256gb$350
Google pixel 7 pro 128gb$450
Google pixel 7 pro 256gb$550
Google Pixel 8 128GB$500
Google Pixel 8 256GB$550
Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB 5G$700
Google Pixel 8 Pro 256GB 5G$800
Google Pixel 8 Pro 512GB 5G$920

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